The UK's leading builder of
Overland / Expedition vehicles

The Build

Carrying out all the processes of fabrication through our local specialists means we can make sure that only the best materials are used.

 That allows us to keep our standards very high through out the entire fabrication process which results in the highest quality finishes.

The Build

The vehicles go through the planning stage, the subframe design and then the body build which takes into account..

  • Placement of doors and windows
  • Location of water and sewage tanks
  • Best use of space for given area
  • Incorporation of heating and air conditioning
  • Location of electrical outlets and equipment

  • The finished product is only limited by the imagination and in this example the MAN KAT A1 8x8 ex military chassis was chosen as the base for what has been one of our biggest builds.

    Whilst we don't have a complete build gallery for this vehicle yet, you can view a start to finish compilation for the Mowag build.

    MOWAG Duro II 6x6 Tour Bus


    Being able to mould and create any shape has enabled our craftsmen to construct a wide number of bespoke moulds.

    Using fibreglass which is also known as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) the moulds created are lightweight, durable and very strong.

    A Body in Build

    Any Shape

    Working closely with your idea we can help plan, develop and create your bespoke moulding. The resulting mould can then be installed, tested and finished onsite by our team.

    The moulds can also be mass produced which is especially usefull for multiple vehicle orders. We also produce pickup bodies using fibreglass, click the link below for more details.

    Pickup Bodies