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Pickup Bed Liners

Spray Linings

Modern pickups usually come with a plastic liner to protect the bed but over time these wear out and dirt and moisture get trapped underneath resulting in abrasion and corrosion.

Customers come to us to have their plastic liner replaced with a spray on bed liner.

The Process

After removing the liner and thoroughly cleaning the bed we proceed to rub down the original paint work to provide a key for the liner material which is sprayed on in layers to build up the protective coating.

Complete Coverage

The material we use is a tough urethene coating which gets into every nook and cranny and protects against rust, corrosion, salt, damp and extreme temperatures. It also has the side benefit of reducing the noises transmitted through the car from the bed.

The Finished Product

When we've finished your pickup will have a permanent, clean liner which adds to the looks of the vehicle and provides the benefits of never having to worry about having a scruffy looking rear body.

The tough hard wearing coating looks as good as new after a simple rinse with a hose. Call today for a quote 01302-954007