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Pickup Bodies

We have some of the top fibre glass mould makers in the U.K. resulting in the production of new designs for the growing pickup industry.

First we make the plug for the mould based on the interior measurements of the rear body.

A Body in Build

Attention to detail

Fibre glass allows us to create better shapes and finishes than is achievable with the polymer (plastic) bodies which are both heavy and lack the ability to incorporate subtle design details required by the customers.

Quality control

Once the plug is built it is placed into the vehicle to check fit and to allow the customer to make any design changes.

This video shows a new body, fresh from the mold being test fitted into one of our pickups to make sure it clears the tailgate and wheel arches.

The body will then go on to be tidied up, have its door fitted and be finished to customer specification inc. interior and exterior finish plus any accessories.

Final stages

Once any changes have been agreed, the mould is created from which the bodies will be produced and can include the customer's choice of colour pigment to suit a given role

The bodies will then receive a final finish coat of paint which can be coded to the same colour as the customer's vehicle, we can also wrap the body for better marketing.

We can incorporate unique customer features including internal and external lighting.

Promotional Photos and Literature

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