The UK's leading builder of
Overland / Expedition vehicles

Chassis Fabrication

The chassis are fitted with a strong subframe which is designed to support the body of your overlander

The craftsmen tasked with designing and fabricating the chassis sub frame are amongst the best in the business

They ensure that the construction of your vehicle meets the stringent requirements of the UK's vehicle testing agency


Using raw materials we can construct any metal structure or chassis that fits in our dedicated fabrication bay. These vary and can be anything from a 10ft trailer to a 40ft bespoke chassis.

High Standards

Carrying out all the processes of fabrication in house means we can make sure that only the best materials are used.

That allows us to keep our standards very high through out the entire fabrication process which results in the highest quality finishes.


From standard truck trailers to bespoke and specialised trailers we are able to construct or repair anything. We have completed many trailer projects and we can help you purchase or construct the right trailer for you.