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All Wheel Drive Chassis

For in excess of 10 years we have also specialised in the disposal of UK and European Ministry assets including military vehicles

Built for use in rough terrain and harsh environments the military chassis is much stronger than typical civilian road going versions

Civilian Chassis

A civilian chassis is always going to be the more expensive option since there are few good low mileage all wheel drive chassis available other than new or new old stock.
(Photo from Public Domain)

Military Chassis

A military chassis is whilst by its very nature going to be stronger it is likely to be older with fewer hours or miles than a civilian chassis especially if you can get a reserve vehicle which has had little use whilst in military service.

We have military chassis available to us .

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The Benefits

They are for the most part a cheaper option for overlander buyers since an older low mileage 4x4, 6x6 or 8x8 chassis provides several benefits which are:

  • Lower build cost
  • Simpler technology
  • Easier to repair
  • Stronger build quality
  • Better rough terrain capability

  • Military Stock

    You can visit our sister site to view the military vehicles we have available for use as overlanders by clicking on the following link.

    MOD/NATO DisposalsThis link will open our sister website in a new window

    Working together with manufacturers and suppliers, we can of course provide brand new or low mileage civilian chassis in RHD or LHD if required

    Customer Satisfaction

    We have several of the M.A.N 8x8 trucks operating on the glacier's in Iceland as a fleet for "Into The Glacier" which is a tour company taking customers up the glacier to the ice cave.

    Click on the link below to watch there own video and hear in their own words how good these trucks are.