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Overland / Expedition vehicles


Overlanders were first brought to our attention whilst on a diving holiday in southern Egypt when not one but two overlander vehicles appeared on the beach within a couple of days of each other.  Speaking to the owners I learned that they had decided to purchase an all wheel drive truck and convert it to a mobile home, overlander, expedition vehicle, call it what you will.

On my return to the UK and knowing that we had access to any number of ex. military all wheel drive vehicles I focused on the marketing of these vehicles as potential overlanders and surprisingly the phone started to ring.

Who are we

We are a Doncaster (UK) based company that provides customers with a range of product and services ranging from All Wheel Drive Overlander vehicles to emergency service and specialist vehicles.

We have built numerous vehicles for customers around the world including the amazing Hagglunds BV206 range of tracked vehicles

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This short video shows a couple of examples of exactly what we do.

Below are a few photographs of the vehicles which whilst not built by us started the process of change into this product line.

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