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Hagglunds BV206


Personnel Carrier

Comprised of a front and rear body, both of which are driven, the Personnel Carrier offers a tremendously versatile capability being capable of carrying up to 17 persons or up to 2,000kg of cargo internally.

The two GRP bodies are naturally buoyant and permit the vehicle to actually swim which is not to be confused with fording. These vehicles can actually swim on still water at a speed of up to 4 knots.

We have modified dozens of these vehicles for customers to fit the specific role they are to be used for. From rural load carriers to be used by farmers for carrying animal feed out into the hills where even Land Rover's cannot go through to Executive models which include extravagant interiors with leather seating, satelite television and even a mini-bar.

Cargo Carrier

Comprised of a standard Hard Top or Soft Top BV206 front body and a bespoke built rear cargo body, the BV206 Cargo version is well suited to the role of carrying up to 2,000Kg of cargo to and from remote locations.

Fitted with either a low style drop side cargo body or an amphibious body, this machine can take on any role in any terrain.

With high demand for these cargo version BV's we are constantly finding new ways to improve the operational capabilities of these machines and below you can see a few examples of how we have achieved this.

In this example you can see how we have installed a new small HIAB crane to permit the machine to self load and unload.

Soft Tops

Originally designed as an Anti-tank vehicles the soft top variant of the BV206 was armed with either a Bofors 90 mm recoilless rifle, a TOW, MILAN or Bofors RBS 56 BILL ATGW located on a central pivot mount which could be hydraulically raised to the required level.

This of course has all been removed as part of the de-militarisation process prior to preparation.

More Details

Drops / Multilifts

This particular system is a development which we have found to be extremely popular with customers since it affords the ability to carry and drop off a payload.

Payloads carried on the Multi-Lift system are usually attached to a standard flatbed frame or drop side cargo body as shown above/below.

This permits a variety of systems to be carried which can range from a standard palatised load to a more structured unit including fire fighting systems which can be carried into rough terrain and dropped off or even as ambulances where the body can be detached and left as a mobile theatre.

The load carried is angled (approx 45 degrees) as it comes off the rails and as it makes contact with the ground the vehicle slowly moves forward keeping pace with the hydraulic arm until the load is safely on the ground. Optionally the drops unit can be fitted with a roller to permit it to roll back without the need to move the vehicle forward.

The arm is retracted and the vehicle is ready to collect another load.

The most popular forms of load carried are the drop side cargo body which covers a multitude of roles, and the tanker which can be used to supply Fuel Oil or Gas or water be it drinking or as used for fire fighting.

We have provided a couple of videos below to demonstrate the multilift system on the BV206, notice the two 750kg blocks as the testing payload.

Video of the drops unit being demonstrated Video of the drops unit being demonstrated

Special Builds

Our team of engineers have over the years been asked to modify the Hagglunds BV206 to suit a particular request of the client to include:

  • Estate Owners Shoot Vehicles
  • Emergency Services Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Mountain Rescue Services
  • Disaster Aid and Support i.e. Earth Quakes, Flooding
  • Public Service Companies for works undertaken where access is restrictive
  • Oil Exploration Companies
  • Polar Exploration and Arctic Expeditions
  • Details on Fire Chief

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