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Chassis selection - Military v Civilian

Civilian Chassis

A civilian chassis is always going to be the more expensive option since there are few good low mileage all wheel drive chassis available other than new or new old stock.
(Photo from Public Domain)

Military Chassis

A military chassis is whilst by its very nature going to be stronger it is likely to be older with fewer hours or miles than a civilian chassis especially if you can get a reserve vehicle which has had little use whilst in military service.

We have military chassis available to us .

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Axle configuration

4x4, 6x6, 8x8?

These are the usual choices for overland expedition vehicles and the size of the chassis and thus the axle configuration is dictated by a couple of simple factors.

  • Number of beds or persons travelling in the vehicle
  • Length of time on the road
  • Level of comfort (personal preference)
  • Storage (perhaps to carry a second vehicle i.e. motorcycle)
  • Type of terrain being travelled

Once you have decided all of the above you can move on to selecting the chassis for your overland expedition vehicle.

Subframe selection

Subframe Selection

The choices here are to go with either:

a three point torsion free subframe or a four point subframe

So whats the difference ....

Three Point Torsion free Subframe

The 3 point system consists of a rigid mounting either at the front or back of the truck, and a pivot at the opposite end which allows rotation about an axis parallel to the truck centerline.

Below is a photograph (public domain) to demonstrate how the body moves relative to the truck chassis.

The Four Point System

The 4 point system is the one used by most manufacturers. 

It first involves a pivot at the front (near the cab) and a pivot at the back. These pivots (bushings) allow rotation about an axis parallel to the truck centerline but restrict all other motion.

Second is a mounting point near the center of the truck frame which is either rigid or only allows rotation about an axis perpendicular to the truck centerline and parallel to the ground. 

This mounting system distributes the load by applying it at three separate points along the truck frame. But the middle point is actually attached to the truck frame at 2 points, hence the "4 point" definition.

Planning and Design

Planning and Design

We will sit down with our customers and discuss all the details of what they are looking to have as an end product and once we have a deposit in place our CAD specialists will design the vehicle in 3D to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the design.

And as you can see, the end product we produce is as good if not better than the original design.

If you want to see this build from start to finish ...


Frame Design

Frame Design

Once the subframe has been built we then design the steel framework for the body which has to allow for the design of the interior as well as the placement of the windows and door.

Once the frame is built and primed it is either dismantled and sent off to have panels bonded to it to create rigid insulated panels or we fit the frame to the vehicle if we are creating a dry freight single skinned body for customers to complete themselves.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Sitting down with our designers, we will assist you with the placement of every item from windows and door to the final layout of all the furniture and ancilliary's like the cooker and fridge etc.

We will of course go through all the options as to what sort of power supplies and heating systems etc. are available to suit your build budget.

Then watch as the build is put together until we are able to deliver a finished product, designed and put together side by side with you.

We use a range of materials in the build each geared to suit a customers budget whilst still maintaining the highest levels of quality and finish.


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